• Distribution International and Czech software

  • Promotion advertising tools for distribution, developers and companies


Full range of programmes
Our distribution department will source any software that is available or offer suitable alternatives


Support for our customers
We won't let you down, we try to help you from afar as much as we can so that the product is delivered to your full satisfaction.


We update our products
Our products are regularly updated and innovated to keep up with the times.


We create apps
We create useful apps to minimize your time on the computer so you can focus on more important things.

Digital world? it's our world!

Shortly about us...


We are a software company offering a broad portfolio

PS Media s.r.o. sells Czech and foreign software to customers in the Czech and Slovak Republics through the INSTALUJ.cz and SHOP.INSTALUJ.cz catalogue. It focuses on providing marketing and media services, including digital marketing, advertising and content creation. We are also a company that specializes in the sale and distribution of software products developed by other companies. We help with the licensing process, software promotion, and provide Czech and Slovak support to customers and users.